Benchmarking Study on e-Learning in European enterprises

The Benchmarking Study on e-Learning in European enterprises commissioned to the MENON Network by the European Commission – DG Enterprise investigated on the state of development of the e-learning market in EU companies and on significant, relevant and successful policies and stakeholders’ initiatives which have contributed to enhance the adoption of e-Learning in EU companies (including large companies and SMEs). The aim of the study was to develop a benchmarking system and a set of benchmarking tools to facilitate and support e-learning adoption in enterprises and to measure the impact of the policies and initiatives launched.

The study aimed to analyse and benchmark national and regional industrial and enterprises policies and initiatives in support of e-learning for enterprises and to identify the most successful strategies in view of promoting good practices and the efficient use of e-learning in enterprises through the provision of a benchmarking system and tools to measure the impact and “return” of policies and initiatives in the field and to facilitate e-Learning adoption in companies, be them large, medium or small.