Learnovation – Fostering learning innovation and ICT use in Europe

The Learnovation project aimed to stimulate a process at the EU level, as well as at the level of the Member States, leading to a collective and consensus-based definition of a new vision of eLearning (or technology-enhanced learning) in Europe, able to inspire the full exploitation of its potential to implement lifelong learning strategies and to support innovation in Europe. Learnovation analysed innovative paradigms and linked them to relevant policy priorities through the eLearning Territories’s filter in order to:

  • help overcome views of purely functional differentiations of e-Learning and its development;
  • contribute to making explicit how eLearning is following different evolutionary paths in different ‘territories’;
  • support networking, coordination and integration among sectoral, specialised and national observatories and projects;
  • promote more focused ‘benchlearning’ by shifting from comparative “national” assessments towards a more reflective and adaptive analysis of differentiation factors;
  • contribute to the identification and collection of relevant indicators on e-Learning development and impact within each ‘territory’.