A European Agenda


Stocktaking on the established European legacy and know-how in the fields of governance and evidence-based policy making to address the needs for advanced regulatory frameworks to provide with innovation and joint Public-Private initiatives, enhancing the capacity of education systems and productivity in the labour markets (human resources), the education research and learning innovation and employability, addressing societal learning and social inclusion, and more specifically as it regards the demanding support to evidence-based policy making in these specific areas, Mind2Innovate aims at critically contributing to the the much needed reforms in the European societies and at offering solutions, which will work to the benefit of the European economy and of the European citizens.

Some forty years of partnerships and collaboration for research and development in all aspects of the European economies and societies shows that added-value change and innovation in social systems goes together with a consistent and innovative approach to learning, for personal and professional development. In simple words, learning is indispensable to innovation, of both economic and social systems, while education systems in the 21st century ask for a significant boost to innovation, serving at the same time both Excellence and Equity.

In order to facilitate the European Innovation Quest, the company Mind2Innovate is bringing together an extended network of affiliated European and international researchers and experts, deploying the capacity of an intercultural and sophisticated human capital, to effectively address the challenges of smart and inclusive growth in Europe and across the world. Mind2Innovate affiliated experts are carrying the legacy of a long-run research and innovation work with an extended network of European bodies, from education, research, social innovation and the industry, in order to address the challenges of the 21st century societies, from the grass-root level to the policy-making one.