WHO WE ARE – The Company

Mind2Innovate.eu / Mind2Innovate.org 

Our company Mind2Innovate provides state-of-the-art consulting and insightful advice to institutions and business actors in Europe and across the world. We bring and deliver through collaboration projects and service contracts knowhow and experience, especially in the fields of learning, innovation and employment, support to evidence-based policy making and governance, infrastructure investment and digital transformation programme planning and evaluation, coupled with knowhow in European regulatory and legislative frameworks and UN regulations as well as good practice and investment modelling in public procurement and innovative Public-Private partnerships.

We aim at delivering collaborative solutions to address smart and inclusive growth in partnerships with both the public and private sectors and in the areas of

  • Education and digital learning systems analysis & development
  • Learning innovation addressing inequalities and social inclusion
  • European & internatonal cooperation to support human capital development addressing in the SDGs within the 2030 Agenda
  • Reform and programme planning as well as impact assessment and evaluation
  • Governance advice and technical assistance & support to infrastructure planning and public procurement as well as to the digital transformation of business and public bodies
  • Public-private Partnership good practice to facilitate reforms’ planning and expanding infrastructure and public services

We build in more than forty years of collaboration for research, technological development and innovation in order to facilitate reforms and adaptability of social systems across a wide range of areas of the European economies and societies. Experience shows that added-value change and innovation go together with a consistent and innovative approach to policy-making in capacity building for infrastructure development, reforms in social services and the delivery of public goods serving human and social capital development. In simple words, it is in this century that innovation becomes indispensable to human and social capital development, while education and other public goods delivery need to serve at the same time both Excellence and Equity.

In order to facilitate the innovation quest, Mind2Innovate is stocktaking on the afore-mentioned legacy, bringing together a network of affiliated European and international experts, delivering upon their consolidated know-how, thus offering support to policy making, governance consulting and technical assistance to effectively address the challenges of smart and inclusive growth in Europe and the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals across the world.

The company Mind2Innovate is based in Athens, Greece and is a member of the AAnG group of digital technology services and technical assistance consulting and it is becoming active all across Europe, working within European collaborative projects, digital transformation and technical assistance projects and public procurement services and support to PPIs as well as working with labour market and education and training systems’ reforms.