WHO WE ARE – The Company

Mind2Innovate.eu / Mind2Innovate.org 

In order to facilitate the European Innovation Quest together with the political mandate of a Smart & Inclusive Europe, our Company (Mind2Innovate – “M2I”) has been launched in order to support thorough consulting for evidence-based policy-making, especially in the fields of human capital development, education & training, employment and social inclusion. We are doing this by building on the European know-how legacy in the fields, of learning innovation and education, social inclusion and employment policy-making and by bringing together an extended network of affiliated European and international researchers and experts, deploying the capacity of this intercultural and sophisticated human capital, to effectively address the challenges of smart and inclusive growth in Europe and across the world. The affiliated experts are carrying the legacy of a long-run research and innovation work with an extended network of European bodies, from education, research, social innovation and the industry, during the last fourty years, in order to address the challenges of the 21st century societies, from the grass-root level to the policy-making one.

The company Mind2Innovate (PCC – Private Capital Company) is based in Athens, Greece, becoming active all across Europe while supporting the agenda of the significant reforms pending, while having Greece coming out of its bail-out programme (of Financial Assistance) and by deploying the European Structural Funds, coupled with the “Resilience and Recovery Fund” and starting with the labour market and the education and training systems. We need to deploy these fourty-year “good practice” in Europe, by activating a collective approach for the deployment of this know-how building and deployment (delivery), and facilitate and provide the much needed innovative solutions.

It is to the Mind2Innovate‘ s scope to work constructively, both in Greece as well as in the rest of Europe and the world, in order to bring up sustainable solutions, in terms of human and social capital developments, for the multi-cultural societies of the 21st century.

We want to collaboratively deliver in the areas of

  • Education Research and Systems Analysis
  • Learning and Social Innovation & Education Policy-making
  • European cooperation to enhance the Knowledge Capital in the 21st century societies
  • Reform design and Programme planning
  • Evaluation and Impact Assessment